Network geomap with metrics & alert states#

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Tutorial: Observing Zabbix events on a Geospatial Map
YouTube Shorts: Top 5 Mapgl features

  • network topology with nodes, links and metrics
  • new: alerting states from built-in Grafana alerting rules
  • path to source as an array of coordinates or refs to intermediate locations. Multi-source supported
  • bidirectional tar-src paths for selected node. Declare dashboard variable 'locRole' to save state
  • donut chart clusters based on the number of color labels typed by metric thresholds and overrides for custom properties
  • svg icons, text labels with collision filter
  • data-links: icon in tooltip to set values for 'target' and 'source' dashboard variables. Lets you show charts dynamically in other panels.
  • comment icons for intermediate coordinates from inlined text and color (ex.: [37.560447,55.550818, 0, "comment", "green"])
  • aggregation typed nodes and offset for overlapping lines.
  • stat1/stat2 switch to show straight path with secondary metric as a label
  • optimized rendering of large datasets using WebGL
  • multi layers support of Polygon, GeoJson from url, LineString layers
  • tooltips with customizable fields
  • customizable nodes search

Explore panel and datasource config examples at the Playground

Required datasource fields:
* Coordinates for points in geojson, lon / lat or geohash format
* Metric field for color thresholds or link your panel to Grafana alerting rules

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